To report someone missing in the United States, call 911 immediately. Every second matters.

To report someone missing internationally please click the button below to complete the ICMP form.

ICMP’s Online Inquiry Center (OIC) is a tool to provide information or obtain information about a missing person. It is an online resource that can be accessed by families of the missing and others.


  • The Hague, 2 December 2022 – The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) has completed the second phase of a campaign to collect DNA reference samples from Syrian families living in Europe. The most recent campaign took place in Germany and the Netherlands between October and November 2022. ICMP has collected data and received reports from […]
  • Erbil, 25 November 2022 – Accounting for missing persons and victims of enforced disappearance “is an integral part of the effort to end violence against women,” Kathryne Bomberger, the Director-General of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), said today during a panel discussion facilitated by ICMP in Erbil. The discussion, held on the occasion […]
  • Гаага, 25 листопада 2022 р.: Підзвітність щодо зниклих безвісти, у тому числі жертв насильницьких зникнень, є невід’ємною частиною глобальних зусиль із припинення насильства щодо жінок і захисту прав людини і основоположних свобод, сказала Кетрін Бомбергер, Генеральна директорка Міжнародної комісії з питань зниклих безвісти (МКЗБ) сьогодні. Пані Бомбергер зробила заяву з нагоди Міжнародного дня боротьби за […]
  • The Hague, 25 November 2022: Accounting for missing persons, including victims of enforced disappearance is an integral part of the global effort to end violence against women and uphold fundamental human rights, the Director-General of the International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP), Kathryne Bomberger, said today. Ms Bomberger was speaking on the occasion of International […]
  • The Hague, The Netherlands – With the financial support of the European Union’s Service for Foreign Policy Instruments, experts from the Ukrainian State Scientific Research Forensic Center (SSRFC) and the Ukrainian Ministry of Internal Affairs National Police (NP) completed a one-week training program on November 11, in the application of a DNA-led identification process, at […]